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(Urgent) 1.8.10 and bcrypt - James0206 - 01-19-2017

I made the switch to bcrypt in 1.8.6, and tonight upgraded from 1.8.7 to 1.8.10 and it looks like inc/functions_user.php was changed along the way. What are the edits I need to make to get this working again?

I don't know if the other files were changed, I'd imagine some were. I followed this guide

Really need help.

List of files that are edited during this process:
  • \inc\functions_user.php
  • \inc\datahandlers\login.php

RE: (Urgent) 1.8.10 and bcrypt - dragonexpert - 01-19-2017

There is this plugin that might be of use:

RE: (Urgent) 1.8.10 and bcrypt - James0206 - 01-19-2017

I'll give that a look, thanks. My biggest concern is that I don't know if the applied changes will work because the files look like they've changed quite a bit since 1.8.7. Really feeling like a fool right now Sad

In the worst case scenario, I'll just restore the backups I made prior to starting the upgrade.

RE: (Urgent) 1.8.10 and bcrypt - Devilshakerz - 01-19-2017

1.8.9 introduced changes related to how passwords are stored and compared to make it possible to implement e.g. bcrypt using plugin hooks only, i.e. without core edits:

We're not aware of any new plugin that would make use of these new hooks yet besides the one I'm currently working on (that hopefully will be finished soon).

If you're considering rolling back to 1.8.7 you should at least apply security patches: (1.8.10 did not contain security patches)

RE: (Urgent) 1.8.10 and bcrypt - James0206 - 01-19-2017

Ahh, so that explains some of the changes I saw then, okay interesting.

I came across your reply (to the thread I linked to coincidentally) to a thread, but unfortunately I'm unable to use PHP 7 right now.

I'll apply those changes when I go back to 1.8.7, thanks.