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Recover drafts from database - groovybluedog - 2017-01-19

In short, I have an old forum I have dug up, where the frontend is completely dead and unusable... however I still have an intact database. Recovering the threads was easy, simply open the database and navigate to the threads table... but I can't seem to find where drafts are stored for the admin user account (ID = 1), which may have some valuable content. How may I find these? I've tried looking myself without success... Thanks!

RE: Recover drafts from database - groovybluedog - 2017-01-20

I would like to say a special thank you to the asshat that is gong around giving one star ratings to almost every support thread...
I thought someone would have the easy answer for this, however I decided to test it myself on a new installation, and found two things:
1 - I was wrong, threads is just a list of the threads, but the actual content is under posts, with the ID of the first post of the thread, in the threads table...
2 - Drafts show up in the posts table as well as live posts, regardless of whether it is a thread or a reply.


RE: Recover drafts from database - dragonexpert - 2017-01-20

I think the field visible is set to either -1 or -2 if memory serves correctly.