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A suggestion - "Like" button - dan40 - 2017-01-20

My other favourite forum that I'm on (starts with an "X") has a "Like" link for each message posted by another member.  I thought since I don't see it for MyBB, that you could consider adding a Like link or button, giving it similar functionality.  Your software has just about everything else, just not this that I can see.  A perfect place for it would be to the right of the "Email", "PM", "Find" buttons in the lower left corner of each posted message, maybe with a little thumbs-up character.  Then, when someone 'likes' your post, the poster gets an alert or message indicating who liked their post, without having responded to it.  You could also do a "dislike" link or button, something "X" doesn't have.

Cheers guys, and keep up the great work!

RE: A suggestion - "Like" button - Nathan Malcolm - 2017-01-20

A suggestion - "Like" button - StefanT - 2017-01-20


Your suggestion has been marked as a duplicate suggestion. This may be because your suggestion has already been implemented or is already a planned feature.