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lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-01-23

This is my very first post  Blush  Just joined the MyBB community recently but have hopped into theme design already. 

The lastfm theme/s past and present have served as inspiration for this one. 

Below: Index view of forums (with link hover). Gave it a gold highlight because the red/black/white felt a bit boring!
Started out with a black thead/red tcat...went to red thead/black tcat...finally convinced myself to try something different and just went with white. I think it looks pretty interesting. 

Below: View of threadlist. 
You can see the bg image which is a curtain. The header is a tall black block that shows off your icon. Not "sticky". 
Each :hover element is fitted with a little transition. Looks pretty cool with the red border that drops when you do a hover of the #panel .upper links. 
The navigation bar runs at 100% width.

I'm open to all sort of ideas and suggestion. I still need to finish up some aspects like postbit styling. I think I can get creative there but drawing a blank for now.

RE: lastfm inspired - new - NickGHQ - 2017-01-23

I think the colors work really well together, really like that gold highlight too

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-01-23

Thanks for the feedback Smile

It may be a while til I get an idea for postbit design but I will post ideas here as I come up with them. In the meantime I am open to any ideas people from this community may have!

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-01-26

Continuing development! Got hit with some inspiration for the postbit. The plain white looked a bit same-y on threads and the announcements so I gave it a black gradient on top and silver gradient below for author_statistics. 


You can also see the curtains have disappeared and have been replaced with a grungey black to red texture. Also threw in a black gradient in the logo area to add some dimension. 

Still to do- 

- Convert sprites to icons. Just figured out how to do it for the thread_status icons. See below.


- Figure out a design for post_controls. 
- Theme the notices. 
- Change the member profile view. Might do tabbed profile since I found the tutorial here and thought it could look great with this style.

As before I am open to thoughts and suggestions  Smile

RE: lastfm inspired - new - WallBB - 2017-01-26

This looks like a nice design mate, good work.
And tabbed profile will look good Smile

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-01-26

Means a lot coming from you! I respect your work WallBB.

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-01-30

Decided on a style for the post buttons. What do you think?


Might change the report button color to orange or something, just to distinguish it from Delete. Even though the red background should be glaringly obvious ha.  

The theme should be ready real soon. I'd like to release it for free in Feb.

RE: lastfm inspired - new - Require - 2017-01-30

it looks great

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-02-05

Thanks for saying so. 

Doing some work on profiles today. Any thoughts? 


I'm thinking I will have to find a fail safe way of keeping the user details visible above the background image.

RE: lastfm inspired - new - beautes - 2017-02-06

You ever work on a project for a while, and then take a short break, and when you come back, your vision for the project has changed? I had thought the no background on the thead and tcat gave a cool, original look, but many pages were left looking plain or even unorganized. 

So I just made em gray and gave a border around the forum table. I think it looks pretty good like this. Unique isn't always better eheh.  Confused


I had tried lots of combinations of reds and blacks but shades of gray were right there in front of me.

I estimate I will be done with this theme by the end of next week. It'll be my first but not my last!