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RE: Flatty Theme - Allan - 2018-01-04

(2018-01-04, 04:53 AM)RahulP Wrote: How to add like button in postbit, im tired to add it Im using Thank You/Like System Plugin By G33K.

It might be better asking the maker of the mod on what templates edits are needed in the postbit.

RE: Flatty Theme - Whij - 2018-01-05


I'm trying to individually change these forum icons using the following plugin:

Any assistance with this would be great, Would like to use my own .png images on these instead of "fa fa-square"

[Image: rZPd0FN.png]

Many Thanks,

RE: Flatty Theme - Gabriel4321 - 2018-01-17

How do I edit the "Custom Sidebox" on the Flatty theme?

Also, how do I set a favicon that's universal across every XYZ.php page on my forums?

I appreciate any help you can provide...


RE: Flatty Theme - andy.zhang - 2018-01-17

(2017-12-30, 08:10 PM)DrXotick Wrote: A mobile version of this theme would be great. Any plans?

Yeah, I want to bump this question as well since I realised it's really painful for mobile users and we know that nowadays people are mostly mobile users surfing the net.

RE: Flatty Theme - Iczer - 2018-01-27

This Theme is pretty good, but my MyBB knowledges are not the best and i would like to know where i can change the Footer and where i can change the Forum name to my own instead of "Flatty". Thank you for you'r help

RE: Flatty Theme - Krakersik - 2018-03-18

Hi, my name is Piter. Someone is trying to sign under your style Flatty! Gives link to forum: http://

I used Google Translate. Sorry :|.

RE: Flatty Theme - GeneralShagg - 2018-03-25

Hi, I have a little question for you. I'm using "Steam Authentication Login" so I'd like to remove the login pop-up so people can be redirected directly to the steam login page. How can I do?

RE: Flatty Theme - ThistleProse - 2018-04-12


I'm having some trouble with images showing up in the Custom Profile Fields on the Flatty layout?

If anyone is able to help, I would be very appreciative. My request thread is here

Thank you!

RE: Flatty Theme - babis91 - 2018-05-11

I have problem with smilies popup windows. When i click "get more", the popup window looks like this.


Where i can change the position of that popup window ?  Huh

RE: Flatty Theme - rmts - 2018-05-28

I found an error latest version of theme. When try to maximize edit window the panel disappears.

Error might be in global.css file

#panel {
z-index: 1994; /**Problem line. Removing it helps to resolve it**/
background: transparent;