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Hide Until Thanks+Reply - alimentosmoziilla - 2017-02-11

Is there any pluginĀ Hide Until Thanks+Reply? please share direct download link. Thank you.

RE: Hide Until Thanks+Reply - KevinVR - 2020-08-10

The Advanced Hide Mod 2.0 plugin can hide content until reply, until minimum referrals, minimum registration date and so on.

RE: Hide Until Thanks+Reply - KevinVR - 2020-08-16

We just released a new plugin, Hide Mod + which is a complete rewrite of the Hide Hack for MyBB.Ā 

It currently offers 9 ways to hide content, and full customisability (templates for hidden, visible content per Hide MyCode) as well as settings of admin usergroups (always see locked content) and users allowed to use the MyCode.