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"receive pm" randomly disabled - thelovelyone - 2017-02-22


so i am basically struggling with an issue for months, but i just don't know the cause. Maybe someone can help me.

Briefly speaking: The "receive pm" from user options, apparently seems to get disabled for random users. (E.g. i am checking the team page regularly and then some members don't have the pm button)

I am then running a sql query to enable that for everyone again, but that doesn't fix the cause.

In my forum i've disabled that option a while ago, so users can't turn it off. I have a feeling it is related to it, but since i just hid it, it shouldn't cause a problem, so i am not quite sure.

My usercp_options_pms template looks like this so:

<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="hidden" class="checkbox" name="receivepms" id="receivepms" value="1" {$receivepmscheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="receivepms">{$lang->receive_pms}</label></span></td>
<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="hidden" class="checkbox" name="pmnotice" id="pmnotice" value="1"{$pmnoticecheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="pmnotice">{$lang->pm_notice}</label></span></td>
<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="hidden" class="checkbox" name="pmnotify" id="pmnotify" value="1" {$pmnotifycheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="pmnotify">{$lang->pm_notify}</label></span></td>
<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="hidden" class="checkbox" name="buddyrequestspm" id="buddyrequestspm" value="1" {$buddyrequestspmcheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="buddyrequestspm">{$lang->buddyrequests_pm}</label></span></td>

Thanks for any help.   Confused

RE: "receive pm" randomly disabled - thelovelyone - 2017-02-24

Well, i found the cause now. But i am not sure how to fix it.
Basically, if you update your options, it gets disabled.

Anyone got an idea how to fix that?