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[WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - WorldClassic - 2017-02-24

I am currently working on a custom theme . It was made much earlier . I just got it and am modifying it . Here's some of the Screenshots 

Index : 

[Image: XYEyqGk.png]

PositBit :

[Image: HvrFbCs.png]

I am still working on profile .

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - VirtualFrost - 2017-02-28

Looks very very similar to a forum that's currently out. Definitely experiment with design, look into website design and it might help.

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - Tactrus - 2017-02-28

Did you also make the ForumRoot theme?

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - WorldClassic - 2017-03-01

Yes , I had created it dud

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - Sazze - 2017-03-01

(2017-03-01, 10:58 AM)WorldClassic Wrote: Yes , I had created it dud

Incorrect, I personally know the creator of the theme.

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - Paradigm - 2017-03-01

(2017-03-01, 10:58 AM)WorldClassic Wrote: Yes , I had created it dud

I think you will find Noah created the ForumRoot theme.

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - eNvy - 2017-03-01

(2017-02-28, 01:19 PM)Tactrus Wrote: Did you also make the ForumRoot theme?

Just check his threads, 90% of them are "Help + something" in the theme support section. Also notice this > This user has been denied support, nothing more to add.

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - WorldClassic - 2017-03-02

I have replied not the next one that I had done . I found it on the net and I am doing some edits on it .

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - Nath - 2017-03-03

From what I can see, the only edits are the header bg and the bg.

RE: [WIP] PerfectTheme v1.0 - 4Howard - 2017-05-01

From what I see the only "edits" you've made where to the headers background image, and the addition of a new logo that in my opinion made the theme look even worse. You have a leaked version of my unfinished theme.

[Image: 9BckYB4.png]


Below as an attachment I've added the theme.
(I do not support this theme. This was a leaked and edited version (stupid stuff like an ugly footer was added) of the theme I made.)