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quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-08

How does this look.

My latest mybb. I did a simple layuot. New icons and hustom header.

I know its default theme. But it seemed to suit best.


RE: quickmactips - FirefoxWiz - 2007-07-08

The forum is very nice. Big Grin
I've made a Mac type theme, if you care to check it out. Smile

RE: quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-09

The only problem is the compadibiltiy of (or lack of) themes for 1.2.8.


RE: quickmactips - FirefoxWiz - 2007-07-09

That theme is compatible with 1.2.8. Wink

RE: quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-10

No one besides FFW?

RE: quickmactips - rlc65la - 2007-07-10

Looks nice, You want to make sure you are not violating Apple's logo in anyway otherwise they will come after you.

RE: quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-11

I forgot about that.

RE: quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-22

Ya, I didn't think about that. So can anyone suggest new icons I can use for the menu header instead of the apples I have right now?


RE: quickmactips - tomdickandharry - 2007-07-26

Ok, have another look. I fixed it.


RE: quickmactips - rlc65la - 2007-07-26

Looks good.