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Online Today - Whiteneo - 2017-03-04

This plugin allows you to show users active within 24 hours on forums.

The plugin adds new information on index bassed on avatars and formmated usernames, only take care of members active on that period of time and you can customize at your own.

This mod shows spiders and guests as only a list taken by cache, but guest are taken from db directly and only shows the number of guests active on forums board in that period of time.

You can click it for further details and this mod are up to date to Works with mybb 1.8.10 and allways as all my mods trying to keep up to date for all community.

Download available in extends.

If you have some sugestions let me know and i work on it if is necesary.

If the mod likes you, then give it an star.

And if you wish to contribute feel free to do it in that way all mods can be better.


[Image: preview_51493_1486859252_033e3cd06b527c4...427689.png]

RE: Online Today - dragonexpert - 2017-03-05


RE: Online Today - WallBB - 2017-03-05

Certainly looks like a great mod Neo, I do want to know how much load it can add on website load and can we modify the look and feel of users online using template edits and css ?


RE: Online Today - Whiteneo - 2017-03-05

@WalBB The load is not heavy at all taking on mind only the users within that 24 hours must be showed. I have it working on my site so is not more than 2 queryes in here on my site i added 4 due i make some modifications to show a qty max in index a multupagination in the new page. ( For guests only the ammount woulb be showed due no avatars or usernames are taken off the mod ).

By the way as all of my mods yes it is 100% customizable i add 2 templates for it and a css and it's setting up for both cases mobile and pc due i use both of them. I do not remember right now what settings are added but i am working and testing right now the next version Smile as allways, beforr upload here )

And thanks so much @dragonexpert for your time.

RE: Online Today - MyFaith - 2017-03-08

Dark Neo , may i know is the guest counting is randomly ?

RE: Online Today - Whiteneo - 2017-03-08

@MyFaith nope all data was taken from mybb database inside sessions table, if you set another time the data will be taken from that instance, but nothing inside the mod are randomized is taken from users who are visited the site within that 24 hours.

RE: Online Today - Kimmy - 2017-04-03

Is there away to only show member names rather than names plus avatars?
I'm currently looking for this type of plugin but I rather it without avatars.

RE: Online Today - Hyperspace - 2017-04-03

(2017-04-03, 01:20 PM)Kimmy Wrote: Is there away to only show member names rather than names plus avatars?
I'm currently looking for this type of plugin but I rather it without avatars.

This plugin does that.

RE: Online Today - Whiteneo - 2017-04-03

Maybe i write some code in a few months to do that but not for sure due there are more mods to do that and mybb due itself with lesser code editions and works without sql adds.

RE: Online Today - Kimmy - 2017-04-04

Thank you very much Dark Neo for your reply, I'll give it a try now Smile

Hello Dark Neo I installed  it but I'm getting sql errors Sad

Below are screen shots of what I get when I hit activate: