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Theme Selector missing - CloudyBright - 2017-04-05

MyBB: 1.8.11
Php: 5.4.45
MySQL: 5.6.28

I have the Theme Selector set to show in the ACP but the Theme Selector does not show.
And I've followed this thread: and my footer template looks okay.

Any other ideas?

RE: Theme Selector missing - R34P3R - 2017-04-05

Did your theme originally have a theme selector? If not you may have to add it as the {$theme_select} would be attempting to load a piece of code that does not exist in your template.

RE: Theme Selector missing - CloudyBright - 2017-04-05

edit: I had to add a new theme before the theme selector would appear in the footer.  
Apparently, the theme selector will not show unless more than one theme is available?

RE: Theme Selector missing - .m. - 2017-04-06

^ yes, theme selector appears only if there are more than one theme available.