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Setup Mail Activation - JesusChrist - 2017-04-06

The mail server is not ready, it did not respond with a 220 status message.

I'veĀ an email hosted on GoDaddy servers. I read that they cause problem with mybb, but I'm using my domain emails perfectly find on my Thunderbird email program for years now.

I looked at so many posts about this, and its a real headache. I am sure I put in the information correctly.

Do you guys use a different email service for your activation?

RE: Setup Mail Activation - Dark-Power-Invader - 2017-04-06

I've been using mailchimp from long and it works perfectly even targethero works fine.

RE: Setup Mail Activation - JesusChrist - 2017-04-06

Thanks for the fast reply, I registered with mailchimp and it seems to be just campaigns of mass-emails and it didn't give me an address to use to punch into mybb Mail settings.

RE: Setup Mail Activation - .m. - 2017-04-06

smtp details should be available at mandrill site - see search results