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Change size banner - quangcuong - 2017-04-09

How to change size banner with mybb 1.8.11 and change size font body forum (post...)

RE: Change size banner - flAming - 2017-04-09

A link to your forum please?

RE: Change size banner - quangcuong - 2017-04-20

I want to change font size! It is small!

RE: Change size banner - .m. - 2017-04-20

navigate to global.css style sheet of your theme through themes section of forum admin panel. use advanced mode tab.

around line 455 find style properties used for table - it has font-size: 13px; change it to 15px or more

similarly, around line 609 find style properties used for .smalltext - it has font-size: 11px; change it to 12px or more

save the style sheet & visit your forum index page.
you may have to hard refresh your browser (eg. press CTRL + F5) to see the changes done in the style sheets