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Music-Society - MuSociety - 2017-04-16

The Music-Society has been there since Feb. 2012. Is a forum for musicians or who want it to be. Lived until 04.04.2017 on SMF2.x. After a crash (could not fix the accumulated PHP errors, is actually a PHP DAU Big Grin), we took the occasion to convert the forum to MyBB. The forum still has small children's diseases, especially it me, the the ezGallery (has the same structure as the SMF-Gallery), which did not take over 1500 pictures. We are looking for a way to import this.

Now to the forum:
The MS (Music-Society) has a real database of so-called VSTs, these are plugins that are used in composition programs like Cubase, Reaper, Ableton. FlStudio, etc. can be used. Create effects and instruments.
The special thing is that registered users can download many of these tools directly.
We also have an extra division, where plugins, which are nowhere more to be found in the net, with us are these on offer. Everything is freeware or opoensource.
Musicians can imagine their pieces and upload directly. Every now and then joint works are created.
Programmers of VST plugins have their own support forum.

By the way, listeners are also welcome. What would be a musician without a listener Smile
The forum is in German and English

the adresses
and in future

RE: Music-Society - José F. - 2017-04-16

Showcase thread approved.

RE: Music-Society - MuSociety - 2017-04-25

The Gallery is fixed by the fantastic Tech Admin

RE: Music-Society - xxxpaingod - 2017-10-10

I love the forum layout i'm a big music fan myself. Good to see the forum has some English despite being despite being a .de domain.

RE: Music-Society - MuSociety - 2018-05-21

(2017-10-10, 11:45 PM)xxxpaingod Wrote: I love the forum layout i'm a big music fan myself. Good to see the forum has some English despite being despite being a .de domain.

we have two domains

RE: Music-Society - Pauline_VT - 2019-05-19

Great to finally see a music forum with a decent layout Smile Really liked this one, keep up the good work!

RE: Music-Society - Serpius - 2019-05-19

Kind of a bummer...

It's all German-based website. Main language is 'Deutsche'.

The '.net' link is being redirected to the '.de'

RE: Music-Society - HuffBarium - 2019-07-23

To me the website looks a tiny bit outdated but still enjoyable to keep using it.

RE: Music-Society - Jane Kors - 2019-10-30

Loved this one, keep up the good work! It's cool that you can already see the music forum with such a cool layoutWink