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Duplicate Settings - jason_lbg - 2017-04-20

So somehow I've got like 8 different "Donation Page Settings" links here in my Settings section of the ACP. 

Dunno how, dunno why but they're there. I was cleaning up some plugins that I wasn't using and while I was looking around for some other settings saw this. 

Here's a screenshot. 


Any idea how that happened and how I can fix it?

RE: Duplicate Settings - .m. - 2017-04-20

forum admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> Modify Settings (tab)

at above location you can see setting groups and options buttons at the right side column.
you can delete the duplicate settings with care through that options button

RE: Duplicate Settings - jason_lbg - 2017-04-20

Everytime I have a problem .m. you're here to fix it. Thanks so much.