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iframe half displaying - fishu - 2017-05-04

I'm trying to display some basic pages in frame in the post so i can have them referanced a few places and only make changes to the one. my code 

<iframe width=”100%” height="600px"  frameborder="0" border="0" cellspacing="0" src=""></iframe>

What i'm getting [Image: test.png]

I am wondering if the <div class="post_body scaleimages" id="pid_16">

wrapper is the problem?

if so where can i alter it or? Any help would be appreciated thank you.

RE: iframe half displaying - .m. - 2017-05-04


we have to use " for the quotes

RE: iframe half displaying - fishu - 2017-05-04

as always perfect answer and stupid mistake on my part. thank you!