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Hide tcat but Keep Structure - Flawless - 2017-05-16

Is it possible to remove/hide the tcat, but still keep the structure of the forum? Simply, I would like to hide the upper space, but maintain the alignment of the forum name, threads, posts, and last poster. Here is what I'm talking about:

[Image: Screen_Shot_2017_05_15_at_8_57_18_PM.png]

If I remove this, it throws off the alignment since the table is removed.

<td class="tcat" colspan="2"></td>
<td class="tcat" width="85" align="center" style="white-space: nowrap"></strong></span></td>
<td class="tcat" width="85" align="center" style="white-space: nowrap"></td>
<td class="tcat" width="200" align="center"></td>

RE: Hide tcat but Keep Structure - iAndrew - 2017-05-16

Remove that tcat code and give the td widths in forumbit_depth2_cat and forumbit_depth2_forum, add them tcat widths.