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button does not work - belpedro - 05-24-2017

the go button under the drop menu at the end and the right of the private message page does not work
you can't select it in any browser, is there a solution ?


MyBB Version 1.8.8

RE: button does not work - Michael2014 - 05-25-2017

I'm looking for the botton but not seeiong it, do a screen shot and circle it please.

RE: button does not work - .m. - 05-25-2017

powered by MyBB notice should be retained at the footer of the theme to continue receiving support.

also a test user account is required to check what is wrong with the referred issue.

after adding the powered by MyBB notice,
you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check the issue.

RE: button does not work - belpedro - 05-25-2017

I have translated the commands in my forums so I added both photos of this ones as well

RE: button does not work - .m. - 05-25-2017

support is denied as per MyBB Support Eligibility Policy