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[1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - iso - 2017-06-01

Sometimes users need to take a break...

-On deactivation via the UCP users can set when they want to reactivate their Account( Account reactivated via Task)
-Admins can restore or permanently delete the Account via the ACP

This plugin adds one database table, edits one template, adds three settings and add one task.

RE: [1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - ESForum - 2017-07-08

Looking forward to the release

RE: [1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - fizz - 2017-07-08

Nice, looks good so far. Are you adding a new table of deactivated users or are you just adding a new column to the users table?

RE: [1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - iso - 2017-07-11

This plugin adds one database table, adds two settings, edits one template and adds one task

I will release a lite version(free) and a pro(50$)
The Pro will also cover the deletion request and will add some new features like
-Reactivation System to allow users to reactivate their account before the deadline
-Notify Admin about Deletion
-Grace Period before Account is Actually Deleted
-Send Reminder Mail to Users 1 Day before Deletion

RE: [1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - ESForum - 2017-07-12

50 is a little steep but Im still interested

RE: [1.8.*] [DEV] Deactive Account - ESForum - 2018-03-19

I take it this has stalled?