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Background-Color in Various Text Editor Locations - L Moody - 2017-06-28

In another thread, I was advised to use the following code to change the background-color of the text editor that appears in the Quick Edit screen, and it worked flawlessly:

textarea[ID^="quickedit"] {

background-color: #fbe3e4!important;


I don't know much about JavaScript, but it appears that the text editor is intermingled with JavaScript as many attempts to change it in the templates often break the clickable smilies and vanish the code buttons bar.

For anybody who is familiar with the type of CSS entry listed above, I'm looking to change the background-color in the following locations, and just need to know the ID's used to identify these instances of the text editor:

1) New Thread ?

textarea[ID^=" [color=#ff3333][b]?????[/b][/color] " {
background-color: #ffffff!important;

2) New Reply ?

textarea[ID^=" [color=#ff3333][b]?????[/b][/color] " {
background-color: #333333!important;

3) Quick Reply ?

textarea[ID^=" [color=#ff3333][b]?????[/b][/color] " {
background-color: #ff0000!important;

4) Full Edit ?

textarea[ID^=" [color=#ff3333][b]?????[/b][/color] " {
background-color: #ffff00!important;