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mybb index portal - Wazzyl - 2017-07-04

How can i make a portal like has on the index fitted on my theme avanger from lavaskins ofcourse?

cause i hate the portal i have now with only the news!

RE: mybb index portal - WallBB - 2017-07-04

I believe in avenger theme, sidebar is removed as far as I can see on the portal page of orangeheartgaming.
You can try restoring the portal template and see if that works.
Or you should contact theme dev as for premium theme, they can help instantly Smile


RE: mybb index portal - Wazzyl - 2017-07-06

i think im going to reinstall the website, maybe that should help better, old files gone and begin complete from scratch!

and thanks for your reply, i will ask the dev team.