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Template Will Not Save - Kenneth C - 2017-07-20

I am attempting to edit my header, to add a logo, but when I click save and return to listing, it simply redirects to my home directory or index page.

I've tried different browsers, computers, clearing cache, clearing cookies, etc.

RE: Template Will Not Save - .m. - 2017-07-20

if changes to templates are not saving then that needs to be checked by someone experienced.

however see replies here related to changing the logo

RE: Template Will Not Save - Kenneth C - 2017-07-20

I know how to change the logo. {$theme['logo']} refers to the theme (in this case, the default) and logo file. aka logo.png.

I am changing it to an imgur link for now, until I get back to a computer with Filezilla so I can upload my own png/jpg logo.

As per the templates not saving, I will wait for an experienced user as you stated.

RE: Template Will Not Save - Kenneth C - 2017-07-22

Fixed by disabling ModSecurity on the domain name. Similar issue happened with WHMCS. Marking as solved.