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Fixt this problem? - ziuma - 2017-10-09


i want to ask
what haven in my forum

[Image: B5je3XMNS0ChbfqvTKp1ZQ.jpg]
blank on newest member
Today's top poster

and other place

RE: Fixt this problem? - NoRules - 2017-10-09


seems a problem with the plugin or mod that converts the URL of the user.

If you see the source code of the stats page, you'll see:

Today's top poster: <b><a href=""></a></b> (<b>6</b> posts)<br />

The plugin (or mod) have a problem with the encoded characters of the username.

Check that, and don't forget the DB. If you use Mysql, check the "Connection Character Sets and Collations" part of the manual

RE: Fixt this problem? - ziuma - 2017-10-21

anyone can help me?

this problem again