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Alerts System - Ben - 11-19-2017

We should include an alerts system into the core of 1.10. Similar to the MyAlerts plugin created by Euan.

RE: Alerts System - Poftorek - 11-19-2017

Yes, that's a great idea!

RE: Alerts System - WallBB - 11-20-2017

I agree to this, it will a great feature for default MyBB Smile

RE: Alerts System - kawaii - 11-20-2017

Agree with this 100%, let's bring MyBB into the future. Smile

RE: Alerts System - VirusZero - 11-20-2017

I agree...

However I'd like the option to use just a dropdown to display alerts rather than a modal. (MyAlerts on 1.6 looks much nicer to me than MyAlerts on 1.8)

RE: Alerts System - Euan T - 11-20-2017

The reasoning for MyAlerts using a Modal is that modals are built in to 1.8's JS, and the baked in dropdowns are rather poor. Were this to be in the core, it would have full core support, including the possibility of custom JS (it's easier for the team to maintain JS across versions than just me on my own).

RE: Alerts System - Nasyr - 11-22-2017

I think this should be added as mentioned here.

RE: Alerts System - Azah - 11-26-2017

I think this one's a no brainer, it's painful using a forum without alerts these days.
I'm curious about whether it would occasionally ping the server via AJAX for new alerts, as refreshing would remove some of the benefit of having an alert system.

RE: Alerts System - albano - 12-02-2017

I approve this!

RE: Alerts System - darkhorus - 01-04-2018

I support this; an alerts system is a given for forums these days.

Also, I think the alerts list should use a dropdown by default, rather than a popup/modal.