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Recently posted threads. - Snyette - 2017-12-02

I have noticed that the 'Recently Posted Threads' are in a bit of an odd location
[Image: M26qwsCYS7SLHCwUHG-LCA.png]
I cannot tell if they're extending behind the Board Statistics box. Is there a way to contain them into a scrolling container in that section entitled 'Recently posted threads', as I cannot find it anywhere else.

I am using a premade skin;
My site is;

RE: Recently posted threads. - MonsteR_X - 2017-12-02

What is plugin?

RE: Recently posted threads. - .m. - 2017-12-02

find prostats plugin related code in the index template of the theme (just above {$boardstats})
and move that variable code to required location (may be above {$forums}) & save the template

RE: Recently posted threads. - Snyette - 2017-12-02

Thank you for your help. I've managed to move it to where I like.

- Snyette.