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Access denied to Forums (BROKE!) - VizeYT - 2017-12-09

[Image: SlFhErX.png]
I paid for a developer, to configure my server that I'm creating, and well...
He was working on 2 of our servers at once, since we are a Network. He removed ALL the files inside the wrong FTP on accident, and broke our Forums and Server. We luckily got a backup instantly from our hosting company and they had that resolved for us, but when I try to get onto my Forum Page, or AdminCP I get this message.

The server forums are:
I would really, really appreciate it if someone from MyBB or a MyBB Staff could kindly repair this for me, or backup my forum to what it was before it got shut down.

This was a simple but stupid mistake to make, and has cost us a lot of time and money...
Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this.

Much obliged, Vize.

RE: Access denied to Forums (BROKE!) - .m. - 2017-12-09

hmm., you may PM me temporary access to your web host control panel
(you can provide your own login details & change them later)