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Get more smilies - sarisisop - 2017-12-21

When clicking "Get More" on the left Smilies the smilies are behind the editor.

[Image: nFmSfL1.png]

Also clicking "More" from the top smiley button does nothing.

RE: Get more smilies - clkline - 2017-12-23

I just came here to report a similar issue. I can't tell if it's "behind" the editor or not, but mine just don't show up.

This is a Screencast video, so I can't use the video thing.

RE: Get more smilies - Eldenroot - 2018-03-26

OK, I think this is fine. The popup windows is opened with all smileys (and only this one is active and closed when you click somewhere else).

RE: Get more smilies - Ben - 2018-03-27


Thank you for your report. We have pushed this issue to our Github repository for further analysis where you can track our commits and progress with fixing this bug. Discussions regarding this bug may also take place there too.

Follow this link to visit the issue on Github:

Thanks for contributing to MyBB!

The MyBB Group

RE: Get more smilies - effone - 2018-03-27

Anyway this feature seems redundant. Either you keep the smiley inserter at the left or from within editor.
No point having a composer with dupe smiley inserter ...

RE: Get more smilies - Omar G. - 2018-03-27

And with mobile devices the former table seems even more redundant. For desktops one is probably enough.

RE: Get more smilies - effone - 2018-03-27

Well, the fix:

Open your global.css, go to line 1593 (or near-about) under class '.blocker'

Check the z-index value. If it is 1 (or less than 3) change the value to 9 and save. (will work with any value greater than 3 as the editor has the z-index set to 3, but the higher value - the safer).

Clear cache / Hard refresh (Ctrl + F5).

RE: Get more smilies - Eldenroot - 2018-03-28

@effone - yes, it is working. Maybe we should use greater number than 9 just to be sure.

RE: Get more smilies - effone - 2018-03-28

(2018-03-28, 11:10 AM)Eldenroot Wrote: @effone - yes, it is working. Maybe we should use greater number than 9 just to be sure.

I know, many of the pioneer sites (including CSS-Trick, Smashing Magazine) recommend to set the upper-most z-index to be 9999 but honestly we don't need to go to that depth when we already know how many layer depth we are handling in our design. A range of -9 to 9 is more than sufficient - just my personal opinion ... But yeah, lets make it 9999 when this value has already been implemented for the same class in MyBB and with no harm to other things so far...