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Mycode editor/Smilies not displaying. - DrakeA - 2017-12-27

Well this happened to a mybb forum I was using. I used to have access to the smilies and mycode editor before but after they changed the forum theme I lost it. Only a few accounts lost it.. Rest had no problem. So I switched back to old theme from my UCP and I couldnt access them in the old theme aswell. I had no choice but to make a new account. But in this new theme the "Full Edit" Option wasn't working properly. So I switched back to the old theme to do it. Well, it happened again. I lost the access to smilies and mycode editor...

I searched online for solutions and they said try enabling it using UCP. Well I cant seem to find an option for "Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages." in there.

Here is the pic.

[Image: bandicam_2017_12_27_09_49_48_913.jpg]
Can anyone help me with this please ASAP? This issue is only happening with a few accounts, the others are perfectly fine.