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CSS child possible? - DrXotick - 2017-12-30

No sure which theme I'll settle on, but want to begin making some basic CSS changes without having to redo them if I change theme.

Possible to do some child type setup?

EDIT: Okay, I see. Simply add a stylesheet. It appears to properly cascade down from the default global.css. Am I correct?

RE: CSS child possible? - .m. - 2017-12-30

MyBB 1.8.x stock theme uses predefined base colors.
a base color can be used to change color scheme of the theme.

at present your forum doesn't has base colors (edit: for MyBB Stock theme).
I'll try to add predefined base colors.
meanwhile you can see this post which can be of some help

RE: CSS child possible? - DrXotick - 2017-12-30

Right. What I want to do is make edits such as margins/paddings/font sizes/font faces /shading etc... And easily apply them to another theme in the future without going into each individual element. Eg, just copy custom .css stylesheet to a new theme if I apply a new theme.

This APPEARS to be possible based on my edits so far, making changes to GoMobile on a stylesheet I created. Appears they are applying fine.

The colors I will certainly make use of as well. Thank you.

RE: CSS child possible? - .m. - 2017-12-30

oh! "Create New Theme" tab actually makes a child theme
newly created / duplicated theme can be edited & used without disturbing the original theme.

RE: CSS child possible? - DrXotick - 2017-12-30

Ahhh... Twilight! Thank you .m. I needed that Smile That literally just reduced my stress by like 20% (still at about 60% haha)