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Bug on "Clear all cookies" - Senna - 2017-12-30

Hello guys!

My forum language is setted in Brazilian Portuguese. In this language, the funcion "Clear all cookies" located in "help documents" don't work, but if I change for English works.

This is the message showed:

Quote:Incompatibility of authorization code. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

How solve it?

RE: Bug on "Clear all cookies" - Ikerepc - 2017-12-31

I guess it's about language files actually. Where you downloaded that files? So I can check it.

RE: Bug on "Clear all cookies" - JordanMussi - 2018-01-01

Edit the helpdocs.lang.php file for the language and ensure that the link in the $l['d3_document'] variable is of this format:

<a href=\"misc.php?action=clearcookies&amp;my_post_key={1}\">here</a>

See an example for the English in MyBB 1.8.14.