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Problem login/logout - adi19 - 01-17-2018

Hello! I have a problem with login and logout. Sometimes works and sometimes not.
I have checked the cookies configs and it's alright.

cookieDomain isĀ
cookiePath is /path/

Can you help me? Thanks!

RE: Problem login/logout - Ikerepc - 01-17-2018

Check your .htaccess file

RE: Problem login/logout - adi19 - 01-17-2018

Still now working.

RE: Problem login/logout - Diamante - 01-18-2018


RE: Problem login/logout - sophia009 - 01-18-2018


When you click on the login button after entering the email ID and password, it shows the same login page, right? Now try refreshing the page, it will show you the account page and also log you in.

Hope this helps you.