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E-MAIL problems - undecked69 - 01-20-2018

On my forum I locked out myself and it says:Your account is currently locked out after failing to login 5 times. You have been sent an email with instructions on how to unlock your account. 
And I doesnt got any mails. And my friend doesnt get the confirmation mail. 

RE: E-MAIL problems - .m. - 01-20-2018

please see few of search results

if you need direct help then you may PM me your web host panel access
and you can change your login credentials later

RE: E-MAIL problems - undecked69 - 01-20-2018

Still stuck. Doesnt work everything.

RE: E-MAIL problems - .m. - 01-21-2018

^ as you have a fresh forum [and you are not comfortable in providing required temporary access] ,
may be its better to install the forum again ..