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changing groups and promotions - metulburr - 2018-01-22

My question is not about how to change the usergroups or promotions.

MY question is about what happens when you try to change them mid-forum. Can you mess this up and have people in limbo in user groups?

Lets say i haveĀ  the following usergroups

Quote:registered = 0 posts
user = 5+ posts
Privileged User = 50+ posts

then i have group promotions that tick the registered to user at 5 posts, user to privileged user at 50 posts and Privileged User to the following group after that; so on and so on.

Lets say there are hundreds of users in each user group at every post count possible here.

Now lets say i change this and add a new usergroup in between user and privileged user at 25 posts called user_plus. I set a new group promotion from user -> user_plus at 25 posts, set a new promotion at user_plus -> privileged user at 50 posts, and remove the user -> privileged user at 50 posts.

What happens to the users at post count 26-49. There is no user -> privileged user promotion anymore so would they be stuck in the usergroup user forever because there is no promotion that switch user to the next user group at 50 posts?