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Reputation Logs - Darkrad - 2018-02-21

Is it possible to have reputation logs (at least in admincp) so I can see who's giving rep to who? Reputation interface is really bad, you can see who gave rep to certain user - but you can't see who that user gave rep to etc. I basically need a way to moderate reps, currently I don't have a clue when someone gives rep to someone.

RE: Reputation Logs - Brian. - 2018-02-21

You might need to make a plugin request here :

But in the meantime I find this plugin which might help :

It allows users to report REP I know it wasn't what you looking for but it's something.

Please see : to get the plugin working for 1.8.

RE: Reputation Logs - RateU - 2018-02-26

This plugin will displays reputation activities on index page:

You can try to modify it so it will be displayed on Admin CP.