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Home page - Deere - 2018-02-23

Hello everyone,

I have a question, I would like to create a homepage on my website.
all guests now see the forum first, I want to create a homepage that all guests who see it first.
I just can not find a video on youtube. is there a tutorial from.

my thanks is great,

kind regards,

RE: Home page - .m. - 2018-02-23

do you want the logged in members to directly visit forum index
AND only the guests (NOT logged in visitors) to a separate page ?

what exactly you want to show for the guests (or not logged in visitors) ?

RE: Home page - Deere - 2018-02-23

I want the guests to arrive first on the homepage.
the forum must become a 2the page.
all guests who come to visit the website, automatically arrive on the home page

kind regards,

RE: Home page - .m. - 2018-02-23

what is your forum url ? does the home page contain login form for your forum ?

RE: Home page - Dark-Power-Invader - 2018-02-23

You can simply change index.php to forum.php and create a homepage by yourself with creating a new index.php