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Add group user image - MyUnknown - 2018-02-25

Hello member of the community MyBB ! Smile

Im currently making a forum but i got a little problem.

I have make custom image rank, but then don't display on Thread, i would love to know if someone can help me ?

Here some picture to help you understand Smile

but didn't work on Thread:

RE: Add group user image - .m. - 2018-02-25

which theme you are using ? what is your forum url ?

looks like postbit_classic template doesn't have required variables to show the custom rank images.

RE: Add group user image - MyUnknown - 2018-02-25

Hello @.m.

Thank's you for the reply !

Im using a custom template, the person that sold me don't give any support anymore on this template :/
The URL is Localhost for the moment

Yes before post anything here, i have search a lot on internet, they speak about postbit, but i see nothing wrong :/

Fixed ! Smile

Thanks for the help here is a screenshot

How to do:

ACP -> themes -> templates -> Your Theme -> Post Bit Templates -> Postbit

I have search for

<div class="author_information">

Then i have write


Also fixed the message count, date registred etc you can see in the screenshot Smile

Thanks for the support !