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HTTP ERROR 500 - Doccc18 - 2018-04-07

Hi everyone,
I've just created a new forum with Mybb 1.8.14 version. Yesterday, I add some sections and some icons, all was working good until today afternoon. When I refresh my forum page, I see an error message: HTTP ERROR 500.
My admin panel is working good. My host is OVH and there isn't an error log. My plugins are also working.
Please, how can I fix it ? Thanks !

RE: HTTP ERROR 500 - effone - 2018-04-07

500 is a general error, mostly caused by internal server failure.
Sometimes its temporary, if you exceed bandwidth usage limit or restricted by host.

Wait for sometimes or you can discuss with your host about it. If OVH subbed by Hostripples - they are good and responsive in support.