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Data Transfer - MrBear450 - 2018-04-07

Hello everyone, I want to transfer my forums to a new domain. How would I go upon that? Im very new to stuff like this no hate all love please! Smile

RE: Data Transfer - labrocca - 2018-04-08

Well it depends on what you mean by "transfer". Are you changing hosts? For MyBB it's enough to just change in the acp settings the domain name and cookie for the site to be on a new domain.

Unsure if you're familiar with the DNS change and FTP actions you'll need to do if you're changing hosts too. And your host might require you to move the files for a new domain.

RE: Data Transfer - .m. - 2018-04-08

this guidance can be useful. in general new web host might assist in migrating (for free)