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users online while being close! - candylady - 04-24-2018

I set my forums community as close but it's like 12 hours now that I always see more than 7-9 users always trying to registering - I put security questions, registration time and other configurations to avoid spammers to auto-register!.....

But the weirdest thing is that I see users trying to register while the forums community is set on close! 

P.S. I forgot to say that I also disallowed registrations more than 9 hours ago!

RE: users online while being close! - Brian. - 04-24-2018

Test it yourself by logging out and seeing if you can register and stuff if you can't then you know it's working and have nothing to worry about. It might just display the page name their are trying to access they might not even have access to it at all when the board is closed unless you gave their group permission to do so.