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Ban Reason - floraiN - 2018-04-25


on default for administrators and moderators the ban reason is shown on the profile. Same wiht the reason, expiration, etc.

This is how it looks like in my forum.

[Image: v58e8tX.png]

What I wanna do is making this information visible for every single usergroup. Right now it's only for staff members. And I'm wondering where I could make this change? Where is that info located?

RE: Ban Reason - Cybersec - 2018-04-25

This requires a plugin. See:

Btw, pretty sure that there is a non-plugin way of doing this.

RE: Ban Reason - floraiN - 2018-04-25

I've seen both plugins, but I'd prefer a non plugin way. It should be just a mittle modification in the permissions. I would like to keep style that's used right now as the default message.

RE: Ban Reason - effone - 2018-04-25

In that case you need to do a core edit.
Take gist from here: