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Making new themes/templates? - Fourjays - 2005-04-21

How do I make my own theme/template for myBB, where ALL images change depending on the theme? ie: So the 'new thread' button isn't just the same one whatever I change the theme too?

RE: Making new themes/templates? - Cory - 2005-04-21

What you would do is go into your FTP for your site and go to the folder of where your forums are located. Then click "images" ..then create a new folder with the same name or similar to the theme name you want to create.

Then you go to:

acp / "Templates" / Add Set / *add your own custom name for the theme*


acp / "Themes" / Add / Name / *your own custom theme name* (don't click save yet...go to here)

"Image Directory"

In there, put in the directory of where you put in your custom images. Ex: images/theme1

RE: Making new themes/templates? - Fourjays - 2005-04-21