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Serious Cache Bug - Kieran1 - 2018-05-12


I’m experiencing a serious cache blog, preventing people from posting, loggining in ourmout of Accounts, or even using the admin account.

I believe it’s due to an error when moving from a Subdomain install to a directory, as I didn’t change the cache path, which file or database entry contains the path? As I can’t logim to my admin account to do this.

Best Regards,
Kieran Cairns

RE: Serious Cache Bug - L Moody - 2018-05-13


RE: Serious Cache Bug - Omar G. - 2018-05-13

Try the following thread:

RE: Serious Cache Bug - Kieran1 - 2018-05-14

Partially resolved. Although, after clearing cache, still have to force reload to see new posts or to login and out.

RE: Serious Cache Bug - doylecc - 2018-05-14

Have you already tried to change the setting for "Send No Cache Headers" in ACP - Configuration - Server and Optimization Options?