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help me - thao96 - 05-19-2018

Hey i wanna find out how to edit Theads in html format on pages like and stuff I know how to do it on like the index page which is by going on forumbit templates but i looked ALL over forum bit templates for editing the thead in that page and i simply cant find it I know how to edit like everything under it like the status and threads and lastposts etc but i cant find out how to edit the thead/category header of it on pages like or I needa edit it as I removed the status/unread notifier bit and some other stuff on itto make it look better please help me I cant show any links to mine as im running off of localhost

RE: help me - misharnet - 05-19-2018

But you can certainly show us some screenshots or code examples here ...?

P.S. don't mind, but you could write post using new lines too, so we can read it more easily and understand better what you need.