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Restrict PM - Crazycat - 2018-05-29

Allows Administrators to block the sending of PM for users who have not enough posts on the forum.
The Administrators choose groups who are "privilegied", so they bypass this limitation.

This plugin offers full language support.


  1. Upload all files above, keeping the file structure intact.
  2. Go to Configuration > Plugins
  3. Click "Install & Activate"


RE: Restrict PM - Omar G. - 2018-05-30

Thank you for your contribution.

RE: Restrict PM - Crazycat - 2018-10-23

Version 1.1 : corrected a bug which made PHP warning in composer page.
Just upload the new version and it'll work.

RE: Restrict PM - Crazycat - 2019-05-17

Version 1.2 : the code is simplified and cleaned.
I also corrected the insertion of settings (sid NULL is no longer working)