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Lagniappe - The Gift - Audentio - 2007-08-05

[Image: displaycase.jpg]

Introducing Lagniappe (lān'yəp, lān-yāp')! A rather old word coming from the ancient word la ñapa meaning the gift. I worked really hard on this theme editing many templates and stuff. Tested in IE and Firefox.

Two new spinners for loading have been included. Feel free to drop these in the main images directory overwriting the old ones. If there is a setting I don't know about, edit that too.

This is compatible with MyBB 1.2.9.

[attachment=7025] [attachment=7026] [attachment=7027]

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the theme zip file
2. Upload the included image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3. Import the theme's xml file into your Admin CP > Themes > Import
4. View it in your User CP > Edit Options > Board Style > Lagniappe.

Thanks, hope you enjoy this theme.

Do not redistribute this with out my permission. Do not remove the copyright. Please keep the copyright as it is unless you are willing to pay to remove it.
Visit for more information.

This is also a sponsored theme. This information is not to be removed at all. Leave it as it is. If you would like to pay to remove it, please contact Audentio at [email protected]

08-11-07: Go to the css portion in Modify Theme. Find welcome panel. Change the background to #FFFFFF instead of the other color.

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - [email protected] - 2007-08-05

WOW one of the best designs for mybb i ever saw. Now you should change the small buttons and it will be perfect.

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - Audentio - 2007-08-05

I figured they looked to good to change XD. Perhaps I will though, in the next version.

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated Smile

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - [email protected] - 2007-08-05

Hmm ok they fit good with the style, thats right Smile

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - King Damion - 2007-08-05

Sweet do u take requests

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - Audentio - 2007-08-05

Ah, yes, I do custom skins. However, at this moment, due to the high demand of requests, I am forced to close down new requests with the exception of paid requests. If you'd like to pay for your custom skin, I can do it now, otherwise you will have to wait til all these custom skins requests clear up Sad. Sorry, but Im so busy lately.

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - King Damion - 2007-08-05

so when can i request

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - Audentio - 2007-08-05

Ah, you can make a request at my forums here:

Or you can send me an email at [email protected] Im actually more active at my forums Smile. I have a sheet you fill out there.

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - King Damion - 2007-08-05

can i pm u here and u pm me the sheet cause i am on the wii at all times on the internet which doesn't have email

RE: Lagniappe - The Gift - webaph - 2007-08-06

it's a very nice theme though i've seen that design concept used many times already