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How to locate specific text to alter - Mike QS - 2018-07-02

I am currently at the initial stages of configuring my forum. I have worked through the Language files, making minor alterations to some of the wording. For the most part, this is working well.

However, there are some bits of text that I can't find. Just to give one example, if I go to User CP / Change Avatar, I can a see some text saying: "An avatar is a small identifying image shown under the author\'s name". Let's say I would like to edit that text.

So I look for the text in all the Language files, but can't find it. I then do a full-text search of the entire MyBB folder, still without success. Thinking this particular text might be stored somewhere in the database, I search every non-empty table; still no luck.

Note that I am just citing this text about the avatar as an example. There have been several other cases where I couldn't figure out where a particular item was stored.

So my question is this: If I can see some text on the page, but can't find it either in the MyBB source files or the database, where are on earth is it stored?

I hope this question makes sense.


Hold the phone. I've found the solution.

When I said that I had performed a full-text search on my entire MyBB folder, I was wrong. It seems that the search function on my computer was excluding certain file types. I've no idea why. It always worked befor. But never mind. The point is that I have now fixed that problem, so my question is no longer relevant.

Sorry if I caused anyone to doubt my sanity.