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Problems when upgrading - Amen4747 - 2018-07-06

I changed several files on my site.
So when I upgrade, I download changed file, and do it manually.(paste php file) 
but this time.

I can see a list of what has changed

But I can not know what part of the DB has changed.

For example, 1816, in function.php,

$ query = $ db-> simple_select ("users", "loginattempts, loginlockoutexpiry", "uid = '{$ uid}'", 1);

in 1815, "loginlockoutexpiry" does not exist, so an error occurs.

It took me a while to figure this out.

Is there a way to know the changing part of the DB in the new version of MYBB 1816?

RE: Problems when upgrading - effone - 2018-07-06