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InLine Moderation Issue - How To Fix! - Serpius - 2018-07-06

Since there were a number of issues popping up in regards to the upgrade and new installs of MyBB software, there is one issue that still seems to be popping up on every iteration of MyBB software.

That issue is the InLine Moderation.

Even though this was addressed in another THREAD for some reason people have completely missed that thread or ignored it.

So, I am making this thread to people who are still having issues with the InLine Moderation.

The fix is simple, but you need to know WHERE to look for template. I am hoping that my screenshot will lead people to the right place and fix their InLine Moderation on their website.

The screenshot:

[Image: f13860593b41b415d3bdff85cdd64595.png]

RE: InLine Moderation Issue - How To Fix! - effone - 2018-07-06

Nice, but did you at all understand why the version number is placed over there and is there any impact to the link or the code included in it?

Looks like a custom theme and theme.js is being linked over there additionally. Other than that nothing really different.