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Custom MyCodes don't work - fizzwidget - 2018-07-24


I have a problem with customs MyCodes since the 1.8.15 version (I am currently in 1.8.17). In admin panel, when I use the sandbox in order to test my MyCode, it works perfectly but when I go to a thread, my MyCode is not applied (I checked with my browser inspector).

I don't really know if is it a bug or an isolated case... Confused

Thanks for your help,

RE: Custom MyCodes don't work - fizzwidget - 2018-08-10

Can someone help me ?

RE: Custom MyCodes don't work - fizzwidget - 2018-08-22

I made some tests and my problem is more specific.
I use myCodes to create image viewers (lightbox) for pictures which are uploaded on dedicated hosting (like imageshack). Since 1.8.15, standard myCodes for images are processed before custom MyCodes, so these ones don't work anymore.

Do you think it is a wished behavior or do I need to open an issue ?